C.N. "Bucharest Airports" S.A. estimates losses of 129.4 million lei

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-10-26   10:24

The National Company "Bucharest Airports" S.A. estimates for 2020 gross losses of 129.4 million lei (approx. 26 mil eur), as a result of restrictive measures taken in the field of aviation, in the context of the pandemic. Passenger traffic at Bucharest airports has decreased dramatically compared to the values forecast for 2020: 58.5% in March, 98.4% in April, 98% in May, 94.5% in June. For the year 2021, a gross positive result of 15.6 million lei (approx. 3 mil eur) is foreseen, and for the year 2022, a return of the passenger air traffic and an achievement of an increasing profit, amounting to 207 million lei (approx. 42 mil eur), is foreseen.