CAPEXUS successful in the BIGSEE competition

2020-10-27   10:25
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CAPEXUS was announced as Interior Design Award Winner in the Workplace category. Following CAPEXUS' 2019 victory ( this year, offices for T-Mobile Czech Republic, designed and built by CAPEXUS, have stood out for the jury because of the way we transformed large and enclosed offices into a modern desk-sharing space with sophisticated design and details.

Besides a fresh new design, the reconstruction of the offices completely transformed the character of the workplace of the largest Czech telecom operator – from small enclosed rooms to an open plan with a zoning system. CAPEXUS oversaw the entire project and was able to hand over the approved space with all the details just five months after the first sketches were created, and did so while the premises remained in full operation.

In its office transformation project T-Mobile fully benefited from the design & build service model, where the design, implementation and delivery of a custom interior is all done by a single partner. At present, other floors are being redesigned and the entire building will be reconstructed in 2021 in a unified concept. Thanks to the chosen design & build service, the implementation time has been reduced by approximately half compared to the standard model, where there is no single general contractor for the client and individual professions and tasks are coordinated across several companies.

"Employees now have a choice of where to work, whether a formal place at a desk, an enclosed room with height-adjustable desks suitable for quiet work, or a comfortable seat in the cafeteria. Flexibility and adaptability are among the most important aspects of a functional modern workplace," says Erika Bohatá, architect at CAPEXUS responsible for the design of T-Mobile offices.

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