Carbon Tool report on CO2 emissions at CIJ Awards event

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2023-12-14   09:19
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We're thrilled to share the 2023 CIJ Awards Carbon Footprint results.
This year CIJ Europe partnered with Carbon Tool to share with Romania's key real-estate market players the importance of CO2 emissions - and the associated and much needed decarbonization tools.
While announcing the 2023 Top Real Estate Market Players, Carbon Tool helped the audience trigger how much CO2 can be emitted implementing the event.

The total CO2 emitted implementing the event jumped to 6185 KgCO2e, while 350 people attended. This translates into approx. 17.7 Kg CO2 per person - see image above. From room electricity, to transportation to and from the event, HVAC, operational tools and materials, food, drink, waste or other details - every small thing mattered.

Translate these figures into how many trees or photovoltaic panels are needed to neutralize the CO2 emissions and it will draw the lines of how important carbon neutrality measures: A wopping 281 mature trees or 62 sq.m. of photovoltaic panels would be needed to neutralize the CO2 generated during one event by a small group people, in just one place. Just imagine the long-term impact of public and corporate activities across the entire globe.
The results are crucial. For more information, please see the attached infographic with the results.

"In a world where change is the only constant, CO2 emissions of one single company in a short period of time already have a massive impact across the entire community. The exact calculation is crucial in order to set the correct sustainability goals. However, each beginning comes with limited knowledge, info and clarity, therefore the correct way to measure, manage, report and reduce CO2 emissions makes the difference between pure PR and actual, concrete Carbon Neutrality targets. With the help of CIJ Journal, we wanted to draw public attention and increase awareness on the pressing needs for decarbonization" - states Razvan Nica, international sustainability consultant and founder of Carbon Tool.

The Carbon Tool platform helps companies in the troubling challenges of carbon neutrality calculations that they are facing today - by customizing the process based on their market segment, business activity, specific operational and non-operational terms. Click on the link below for more information about Carbon Tool.