Cavatina is preparing a concept for a mixed-use project in the centre of Warsaw

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-10-31   11:16

Cavatina Group, which recently signed a conditional agreement for the purchase of a site at 75 Chmielna Street from the Polish Post Office, is preparing a concept for a mixed-use project that will complement this part of central Warsaw, the company reported. In the next step, the company will enter into consultation talks with, among others, the city authorities. According to the company's information, it wants to propose, among other things, a height dominant above 100 metres at the corner from Jerozolimskie Avenue on the plot.

"We are delighted to return to Warsaw with our activity and want to create at 75 Chmielna Street the sustainable, multifunctional project that this location deserves. We will bring the quality of space in the area to a new, higher level - we want to combine the mix of flats, retail and service outlets and offices here with cultural and recreational spaces. There is a great demand there for open to the city and its inhabitants, green and functional common areas. In creating the concept, we are using our best practices gained in the construction of other developments, and in the design phase we are considering cooperation between our architects and a renowned architectural firm, in order to create an exceptional project together," said Cavatina Holding CEO Rafal Malarz.

"Our projects are always distinguished by modern, high-quality architecture and a focus on details that enhance the sense of comfort for users of a given space. This will also be the case with Chmielna, where we will use our rich know-how in combining multiple functions and arranging attractive and green common areas. The metropolitan character of Jerozolimskie Avenue, the proximity of Chmielna 89, Warta Tower and further on Varso, the tallest building in the EU, justifies proposing a height dominant above 100 metres in the corner of the plot from Jerozolimskie Avenue. We would like to design the second stronger accent of this varied development in the opposite corner at the junction of Chmielna and Żelazna Streets - it would emphasise the corner of the development and correspond with the hotel building at the junction of Żelazna and Złota Streets. All these elements would be incorporated into a multifunctional and open courtyard inside the complex, which would also include, for example, a stage and other spaces for culture and the arts," Cavatina Group's Design Department Director Piotr Jasinski added.

As the company's representatives point out, conceptual work is in progress, with consultations with the relevant city authorities and other entities still to come, and the final outcome of these activities will have to wait. The priority is to propose a space that is accessible to everyone. Cavatina has presented preliminary visualisations to show the atmosphere of the complex it intends to create here. It envisages a green, open courtyard surrounded by buildings varying in height and function, it stressed.

Chmielna 75 is the second project that the Cavatina Group will develop in Warsaw. Previously, Cavatina Holding built, successfully commercialised and in 2020 sold a 65% stake in the Chmielna 89 project, which is one of the most distinctive buildings in Wola, it was recalled.

The more than hectare plot at the junction of Chmielna and Żelazna streets in Warsaw's Wola is one of the last such attractive undeveloped land in the capital so far. 12 October 2023. Cavatina announced the conclusion of a conditional agreement for the sale of the site by the Polish Post Office.

The Cavatina Group includes: Cavatina Holding, a listed company and one of the largest office developers, Resi Capital, which focuses on the residential sector, Cavare, which builds and provides flats for long-term rental and CTank, the entity responsible for land acquisition and comprehensive project preparation for the group and external investors.

Source: Cavatina Group and ISBnews