CEDER Conference Romania – LIVE edition, to take place on 6th of October

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2020-09-09   14:15

CEDER Real Estate Conference Romania will take place on 6th October, at Radisson Blu Hotel, in Bucharest.

Despite the pandemic restrictions, we do not give up to “live networking” and understand the market’s needs for human to human meetings. Although in a different set-up and conditions, that offers our attendees 100% protection and safety, CEDER will continue its successful editions, and will help the country’s real estate sector come to grips with the impact of the most serious global health crisis in a century. The coronavirus pandemic has left no stone unturned and the severity of its impact has yet to be fully understood. What we know already, however, is that while the way we use and develop real estate may change, its importance to our lives and economy will remain central. The job for all property professionals at the moment is to secure the immediate viability of real estate assets, while developing a strategy for the future. The mission of CEDER 2020 is thus to enable this discussion to begin.

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