Cheb approved the contract terms for the future sale of land on Zlaté vrch

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-09-22   11:56

The Cheb council approved a contract on the future sale of land in the former barracks on Zlaté vrch. A new residential area is to be built there. Negotiations on the terms of the contract lasted more than a year. After the publication of the address plan, the selected interested party, the company Zlatý vrch s.r.o., will be able to start designing the future development in one of the main development locations of the city. The company is interested in 23.5 hectares of the total 44 hectares that the city offered, according to Deputy Mayor Ladislav Hrubý (VPM).

The intention and conditions of the sale have already been approved by the council and on September 15 by the council. Now the intention to sell land for the company Zlatý vrch s. r. o. is posted on the official board. "The new council, which will emerge from the weekend elections, will already deal with the approval of the future purchase agreement. If they approve it, the future buyer will have to obtain a zoning decision. According to estimates, the design work will take about a year, and after he obtains the zoning decision, so he will have the right to buy back the first plots of land, while he must pay the purchase price in advance," Hrubý described.

In total, the city should receive about CZK 82 million for the 23.5 hectares of land on Zlaté vrch. Income from the sale will be gradual, however, as a last resort, the buyer should buy back the land in its entirety within ten years.

Negotiations on the conditions took a long time also because the city wanted to be sure that the whole project would not be stretched out disproportionately or that the investor would not start with the most lucrative parts of the area first. In the first phase, he will have to network and buy back the land in the part of the area where the barracks stood, only then will he be able to prepare the land for construction towards Špitálské vrch.

Cheb acquired the site of the former barracks free of charge from the state in 2002. However, there was a ten-year blockade on them for non-commercial use, which greatly limited the possibilities of construction. Only after the barracks were unblocked could the city start preparing plans for their use for residential development. Development studies were created, but it was not until 2020 that Cheb announced a competition for a future investor. Only one applied, with the lowest bid price of CZK 350 per square meter. Even if it is a relatively low price compared to the land that is sold in Cheb and its surroundings, the investor will have to invest a lot of money in building engineering networks and roads, which it will then hand over to the city.

Source: CTK