Children of the Earth claim that the state hid the commencement of D1 construction

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-04-27   09:38

Children of the Earth claim that the state hid the commencement of construction proceedings on the D1 near Přerov.

According to the Children of the Earth organization, the Ministry of Transport has kept it secret for almost eight months that last August it started construction proceedings on the last section of the D1 motorway near Přerov. Therefore, according to its chairman Miroslav Patrik, the Children of the Earth Association has not yet been able to get acquainted with the documentation and did not obtain information about the construction procedure until April this year. "We immediately applied for the construction procedure and we asked the Ministry of Transport for documents," said Patrik. According to the Ministry of Transport, however, the construction proceedings were suspended last autumn.

According to Patrik, the Children of the Earth learned about the start of construction proceedings for the D1 near Přerov last year from an official notice board of the Ministry of Transport, which in mid-April published information on the guardian of eight unknown landowners under the planned motorway. "The tactic is ridiculously primitive, so we expect that Minister Karel Havlíček is already planning to accuse the Children of the Earth and other participants in the proceedings of unreasonably prolonging the construction proceedings, even though we didn't know about it for almost eight months. , "said Patrik.

František Jemelka, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport, said that the ministry did not make a mistake and did not act bullying. Last August, according to him, he applied for a building permit for the D1 near Přerov and construction proceedings were initiated. In the meantime, however, it turned out that some landowners under this planned transport construction had died or were unknown. Therefore, in mid-October, the Ministry suspended the construction proceedings in order to be able to identify the participants in the proceedings.

As soon as this official act is completed, according to Jemelka, the commencement of the construction procedure will be announced by a separate measure of the Ministry of Transport. "This measure will also allow the parties to inspect the file and, if necessary, to submit their objections or comments," Jemelka said. According to him, on April 20, the Children of the Earth Association registered as a party to the proceedings. "This registration was noted by the Ministry of Transport," he added.

The last section of the D1 will divert car traffic from Přerov. Drivers in the city wait in the columns for tens of minutes a day. Construction must start no later than autumn, when the exemption from the environmental impact assessment for the project ends. In mid-April, the Olomouc Regional Authority once again confirmed the change in the zoning decision for the construction of the D1 motorway near Přerov, so its preparation can continue. If the building permit comes into force, ŘSD wants to start construction of this section D1 in the summer.

The change of the zoning decision to D1 between Přerov and Říkovice was approved last year by the building department of the Olomouc municipality, but nine appeals were filed against this. Last year, the regional authority did not comply with the appeal and confirmed the change. This was followed by several lawsuits filed by the Children of the Earth and Landscape Association Dluhonice. The court annulled the decision of the regional authority last autumn, and in mid-April the governor's office confirmed the change in the zoning decision. In the new verdict, the Regional Authority added several conditions, which relate mainly to watercourses in the vicinity of the planned section D1 and winter maintenance.

Source: CTK