City of Prague explores buying land in Trojmezi zone

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-02-10   11:11
/uploads/posts/7cf9bd675f1e0bfa041504465862a2c179a59ff0/images/trojmezi1.png reports that the city of Prague is considering buying a huge piece of land called Trojmezi that spills over the borders of Prague 10, Prague 11 and Prague 15. The controversy over what to do with the land has been a huge issue for local politicians in the area as it's owned by powerful business interests. City councilor Jana Chabra said she expected the price to run into the hundreds of millions and that local officials have expressed interest in the deal. "They're interested but not all the evaluations are ready yet. In 2016, PPF Group sold 40 ha of development land in the Trojmezi zone to an ex-manager at the group, Karel Pražák. PPF had found it impossible to move forward with the project because of opposition from within the city.