City Park Wrocław is growing! Ideal Idea’s newest business park is fully commercialized

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-11-17   13:14
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The new SBU facility now being built adjacent to the Wrocław airport is the latest development by Ideal Idea, offering unique and flexible business space of the highest quality. The project quickly won recognition by the market, and as a result, City Park Wrocław II is fully let long before completion of construction.

City Park Wrocław II is the second project in Lower Silesia in the SBU model (small business units) executed by Ideal Idea, a pioneer in implementing solutions of this type in Poland. SBU facilities from Ideal Idea can be used for small warehouses and for impressive offices, offering numerous options for adaptation and optimization of processes, generating higher profits for numerous industries.

“Flexible space, modern solutions, and the highest fitout standards offered in the SBU facilities from Ideal Idea perfectly suit the current needs of the market. The commercialization process for City Park Wrocław II was the fastest in our company’s history,” said Justyna Markowska, management board member at Ideal Idea.

“Currently, we are also implementing an investment in Poznań, which will offer Tenants over 17,000 sqm of new space.”

The expansion of City Park Wrocław will involve construction of two new buildings: H3 and H4. After completion, the space at the business park will exceed 20,000 sqm. In the new buildings, the investor offers larger warehouse modules, from 700 sqm and up, as well as modern offices starting at 110 sqm. In the case of this project, each of the new buildings has been fully let, to two separate tenants.

The City Park Wrocław project is being built in compliance with BREEAM standards, confirming Ideal Idea’s fulfilment of requirements such as environmental protection, innovation, optimization of operating costs, and working comfort.

According to Andrzej Dużyński, CEO of Ideal Idea: “The high-quality warehouse areas along with refined office space with excellent connections are Ideal Idea’s response to Tenants’ needs. The rapidly evolving business reality, including the growing costs of maintaining offices in city centres, has driven companies to seek options for sharing warehouse and office functions. The high fitout standard and excellent transit connections make these properties appealing for the hundreds of workers employed by our Clients in the developments built by us, and for management boards they are the driving force for moving their company headquarters to these sites. We identified these needs many years ago, and that is why we were the first in Poland to introduce the SBU model onto the market.”

City Park Wrocław II is located in the immediate vicinity of Copernicus Wrocław Airport, just 10 km from the centre of the Lower Silesian capital. The Wrocław airport is a major transfer hub in Central Europe, handling over 1.4 million passengers and 111,200 tonnes of cargo in 2021. Additionally, the new business park from Ideal Idea offers convenient municipal transit connections and excellent access to the S8 motorway (A8 Wrocław ring road), linking with the A4 (E40) expressway.

Completion of construction and commencement of occupancy of the new City Park Wrocław II is planned for the end of the 1st quarter and beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2023.