ČKAIT: Digital building management can jeopardize an unprepared state

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-23   03:51

The new building law provides for the digitization of construction proceedings by mid-2023. The process from preparation through permitting to the construction itself or construction management should be faster and simpler thanks to electronization. However, digitization may run into state administration procedures, Robert Špalek, chairman of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction (ČKAIT).

"Authorized persons are ready to digitize the construction procedure. However, we have doubts about the state administration and its ability within 1.5 years, which separates us from the full effectiveness of the new building law, to unify methodologies for all relevant bodies, which will continue to comment on the documentation," said Špalek.

He pointed out that the state must ensure a sufficient number of qualified officials to work in the digital environment when transforming building authorities. According to him, the next chapter is the preparation of this environment. "Construction documentation is extremely demanding on the volume of data, so it will be necessary to increase the connection capacity and ensure sufficient capacity on servers and clouds," added Špalek.

According to the new Building Act, the newly established Supreme Building Authority must provide a completely new public administration information system by July 2023, which will enable remote access and will serve to provide digital services under the new Building Act. It will be, for example, a builder's portal, a national geoportal of spatial planning, records of construction procedures, records of electronic documentation or a construction management information system.

A necessary precondition for the successful function of these systems is the existence of e-collections and e-legislation, which the Czech state plans to fail since the beginning of this millennium. The original date of their sharp operation is set for January 1, 2023. The second necessary precondition is the existence of fast internet in the whole Czech Republic, ČKAIT announced.

Source: ČKAIT and CZK