Coffeedesk announces 9th issue of crowdfunding shares in amount of max. EUR 1 million

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-02   09:47

Coffeedesk announced the second issue of shares as part of equity crowdfunding up to the amount of max. EUR 1 million, which will start in Q3 2021, the company announced. The goal is to further develop omnichannel sales with a network of stationary showrooms and to implement innovative online sales support technologies based on AI and marketing automation.

At the turn of Q2 and Q3 2020, Coffeedesk conducted the first share issue in the crowdinvesting model. Community investors made over 500 investments for a total amount of PLN 2 million. Since then, the company has fully achieved most of its business goals, including the opening of another showroom (connection of a cafe with a store and a collection point) in Warsaw or launching sales in the Hi! Subscription model.

Works related to the implementation of new B2B and B2C sales platforms are at an advanced stage of implementation (planned completion in Q1 2022). The solution has, among others increase the speed of Coffeedesk's overseas expansion due to its scalability.

"Thanks to the activities based on several different areas, we achieved results that were not only satisfactory, but also significantly exceeding our plans, i.e. a revenue increase of 44% y / y. We recorded high increases in all sales channels, especially B2C and B2B. The first half of 2021 brought record growth in the showroom segment. We want to develop further to maintain the pace of eCommerce development, which the coronavirus has accelerated by several years," said CEO Coffeedesk Łukasz Wichłacz.

Coffeedesk's development strategy is based on the implementation of modern and intelligent solutions for all sales channels (omnichannel). Stationary sales based on showrooms allows you to minimize the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business. Although part of the cafe is closed during the lockdown period, a pick-up point and a shop may still operate. This approach allows you to maintain stationary sales. Despite the closure of gastronomy for most of 2020, Coffeedesk's offline performance was higher than in 2019.

Coffeedesk is the leader of coffee e-commerce in Poland, dynamically developing sales also in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is a distributor of coffees, teas and brewing equipment, incl. as the sole distributor of internationally recognized brands.

Source: Coffeedesk and ISBnews