Constantin Sebeșanu is the new CEO of Impact Developer & Contractor

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-04-29   14:45

Constantin Sebeșanu was appointed in February to the position of Development Director of Impact Developer & Contractor, has now been installed in the position of CEO of the company, with a term of 4 years. He will replace Sorin Apostol, who was been appointed Executive Director and member of the Board of Directors at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

"I am honored to be appointed CEO of Impact Developer & Contractor. This position brings with it the challenge of maintaining Impact at the forefront of residential development and setting new standards of housing quality and construction in the residential market. This year, the company will accelerate its expansion at the national level, with the aim of boosting progress in sustainable development, which is why all Impact residential complexes under development are designed to the highest sustainability standards, "said Sebeșanu.