Covid-19 responsible for third of job losses in Poland in Q2

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2020-11-12   09:47

In the second quarter of 2020, 93,600 jobs were liquidated in Poland, 21.9 percent fewer than in the first quarter, according to Statistics Poland (GUS). However, the scale of job losses due to the spread of Covid-19 increased. A quarter of jobs lost in the first quarter due to Covid, increasing to as much as a third of all job losses in Q2. Taking into account the type of activity according to the Polish Classification of Activities, it can be stated that the number of jobs liquidated due to the pandemic in individual sections was most often proportional to the number of jobs lost at all. For instance, jobs liquidated in the manufacturing sector constituted 23 percent of jobs liquidated in the whole economy, while jobs liquidated in this section due to the pandemic accounted for around 25.9 percent of all jobs lost due to this reason. Regarding jobs associated with administrative and support service activities as well as manufacturing, accommodation and food service activities, the share of jobs liquidated due to the pandemic was around 3 percentage points higher than the share of all jobs liquidated in these sections, according to GUS.