CPK and KZN signed a real estate agreement for the relocation of residents

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-09-29   16:00

Central Communication Port (CPK) and Krajowy Zasób Nieruchomości (KZN) signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the preparation and development of replacement real estate for those residents of the investment area who will participate in the Voluntary Acquisition Program, the companies said. To determine how many residents and how many households will be interested in moving, the CPK company will conduct a survey that will start in October.

"For the purposes of the investment, the CPK company needs its own real estate resource in order to convert them into plots located in the investment area. That is why we are cooperating with KZN. Its aim is to prepare real estate and build houses for residents willing to participate in the relocation," said the deputy minister of infrastructure , government plenipotentiary for CPK, Marcin Horała.

The letter of intent signed today assumes that KZN will immediately start selecting and preparing replacement properties for development, including their consolidation and division in order to start housing investments as soon as possible. The planned date of their completion is 2023.

"Securing the needs of residents who will have to change their place of residence due to our investment is our priority. Talks on the principles of cooperation between the STH and KZN are already advanced. At the turn of October and November, we plan to announce the details of these arrangements together with among others, the location of the real estate for the planned housing development, as well as the principles of financing investments, supervision and implementation thereof ," added the president of CPK Mikołaj Wild.

To determine how many residents and how many households will be interested in moving, the CPK company will conduct a survey that will start in October. In the polls, residents will answer, among others for questions about the needs and expectations related to the move. On this basis, the CPK company and KZN will determine for how large the group is to prepare this operation.

The Voluntary Acquisition Program, addressed to property owners from the area of ​​the future Solidarność Airport, covers an area of ​​a total area of ​​74 km2 on the border of the municipalities of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki. The goal of PDN is to acquire as early as possible the largest possible number of real estate through voluntary transactions. The person declaring their willingness to participate in the Program may indicate whether they are interested only in selling their property or in replacing it.

To further encourage residents to join PDN, this month the CPK company made its offer more attractive, proposing new facilities and amenities, e.g. financing the costs of moving and legal services, professional training with a guarantee of employment and the possibility of using the property also after the sale. Since the announcement of these new rules, more people have joined the Program, it announced.

The Central Communication Port is a planned transfer node between Warsaw and Łódź, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of this project, the Solidarność Airport will be built 37 km west of Warsaw, on an area of ​​approximately 3,000 hectares, which in the first stage will be able to handle 45 million passengers per year. CPK is 100% owned by the State Treasury.