Crestyl residential project in Vysoké Újezd ​​near Prague next stage of houses and bungalows

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-05-04   08:33
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The Crestyl development group presented the next stage of family living in the village of Vysoký Újezd ​​near Prague. This includes the construction of 43 spacious two-storey family houses U Kůlen and ten modern ground-floor bungalows Na Horizontu with large gardens. The sale of houses has already started. Construction will run from this summer, completion is planned for 2023. Directly in the U Kůlen district, a finished model house was opened, which was built as part of the previous stage of the project, to which the current one is seamlessly connected.

"The advantage of Vysoké Újezd ​​is that we are also building the necessary civic amenities and infrastructure here. For example, we opened a grocery store or invested in the revitalization of a village square, "says Viktor Peška, sales director of the Crestyl Group. "We are preparing the entire project with regard to the privacy of the inhabitants and harmony with nature. The individual plots are surrounded by greenery and natural corridors and the local wide roads are lined with trees and grassland. Last year, we started planting more than 1,200 trees in the village. "

The first part of the new stage includes the completion of the U Kůlen district, which lies on the southern slope of the village of Vysoký Újezd ​​and thus provides a guarantee of peace and sunny days. It includes 43 family houses with a flat or sloping roof available 5 + kk (178 sqm) with a large garden, a covered garage and up to three bathrooms. The new stage also includes modern single-storey houses located in a beautiful location Na Horizontu in a quiet southeastern part of the village. Ten bungalows with a layout of 4 + kk form a common nest with large gardens facing each other, creating an idyllic natural island.

The Vysoký Újezd ​​residential project is sensitively connected to the original village of the same name and is an ideal residence for all who are looking for a quiet lifestyle within reach of Prague and all services. Crestyl has already built completely networked plots for the construction of family houses and family houses. In the previous stage, terraced houses and low-rise apartment buildings with flats were built right in the center of the village. This whole stage was sold out before the approval, which took place in the first half of last year. Part of this phase of the project was also civic amenities for the whole municipality, several commercial units for shops and services such as groceries, restaurants or a café were created. In addition, there is a chateau garden in the neighborhood and the new owner of the historic chateau is planning to transform it into a boutique hotel with all related services, including a spa.