CTP welcomes HAVI Logistics to CTPark Trnava

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-03-03   11:29
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In March, CTP welcomes HAVI Logistics to its network of 700+ plus tenants. They are moving into a facility of nearly 10,500 sqm which is part of CTPark Trnava. Strategically located, CTPark Trnava is situated just off the E58 highway with close connections to Austria and Hungary to the West, and the Czech Republic and Poland to the North, making it ideal for distribution activities. Trnava, located just 5 KM away from the park, is the third biggest recipient of FDI in Slovakia. The park's entirety covers 74,421 m² of built-up area. Datalogic, PSA Slovakia, and Tate and Lyle Slovakia are just some of the existing tenants that HAVI Logistics will be joining in CTPark Trnava.

"We are thrilled have HAVI Logistics join us because it confirms commitment of both partners to pursue sustainable solutions to ensure future of logistics." - Stanislav Pagáč, Country Head SK & CFO SK