Czech Defence Minister Jana Cernochova welcomes that Aircraft Industry has Czech owner again

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-10   10:13

The purchase of the Aircraft Industries firm from its Russian owner is an important step to get rid of reliance on Russia in arms forces and arms industry, Czech Defence Minister Jana Cernochova said after talks with Omnipol, Aircraft Industries and Aero Vodochody Aerospace representatives today.

Thanks to the change of the owner of Aircraft Industries, deliveries of spare parts will not be a potential security risk anymore, Cernochova said. "I am glad that Aircraft Industries is in Czech hands again. Stability of the deliveries can be secured and the know how maintained in the Czech Republic," she said.

Aircraft Industries, seated in southeast Moravia, has nearly 1,000 employees and makes transport aircraft L410 and L410 NG. The Czech military uses several of these planes.

The Defence Ministry said the firm was recently owned by Russian businessman Iskander Makhmudov, who was put on the sanction list after the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

On April 21, Omnipol and the Russian owner agreed on the sale of Aircraft Industries and the OMPO Holding company has become the new owner.

Defence Ministry and Omnipol representatives today talked about the purchase of Aircraft Industries and the security of the deliveries of the military material, said Jakub Fajnor, from the ministry’s press section.

The ministry noted that Aircraft Industries with its Russian management focused especially on the Russian market. It also appreciated that Omnipol Group previously entered Aero Vodochody in which it has a minority stake.

"After the rescue of the key firm Aero Vodochody, this is another activity of Omnipol seeking to maintain and develop the domestic market," Fajnor said.

Omnipol deals with aircraft industry and defence and security electronics. Its daughter companies ERA and Mesit have advanced technologies concerning mainly passive surveillance systems of air, land or naval targets, military communication and aircraft equipment.

Source: CTK