Czech government again postponed decision to purchase land for the Prague ring road

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-05-04   09:14

The Czech government again postponed the discussion of the intention to start the purchase of land for the construction of part of the Prague ring road near Běchovice, which should speed up the construction by about ten months. It follows from the data on the government website, the reason for the delay has not yet been announced by the government. The cost of the purchase, which should start before the completion of the zoning procedure, is estimated at approximately three billion crowns. The government postponed the decision for the second time, discussing the plan for the first time at the end of March, but eventually asked the Ministry of Transport to add some points. Section 511 in the south-east of the metropolis already received a zoning decision for the construction last year, but an appeal was filed against it.

According to the state, the need to speed up construction is crucial. The Ministry evaluates the 12-kilometer section 511 near Běchovice as the most important of all the unfinished parts of the Prague ring road. The resort expects to divert part of transit and suburban traffic through Prague. The section should reduce traffic, especially on the Štěrboholská radial, Jižní spojka and in Spořilov. Acceleration should also concern the related connection of the I / 12 road between Běchovice and Úvaly. It should act as a bypass.

The ministry wants to start redemptions despite the fact that the zoning decision procedure has not been completed. With the eventual annulment of the entire decision or its substantial change, the entire investment in the purchase of land could be wasted. However, according to the ministry, it is clear about the route of the section itself; the office does not anticipate significant deviations from the current plan.

Acceleration of preparation, on the other hand, should mean savings of up to 750 million crowns and acceleration of the entire construction by eight to ten months. In addition, the ministry expects further benefits from the reduction of accidents and the improvement of the environment for places that would be significantly facilitated by the new part of the circuit. The state estimated the entire society's losses during the postponement of construction at approximately six billion crowns in five years.

The Building Authority of Prague 22 issued a zoning decision for the section last July. There were 47 appeals against him. Due to objections of bias, the Prague City Hall subsequently surrendered the proceedings. The appeal should be resolved by the South Bohemian Regional Authority.

The government was supposed to discuss the purchases as early as the end of March, but at that time it asked the Ministry of Transport to analyze the state of what would happen to the land if the construction of the ring road on them did not take place. The ministry stated that this is the most important missing section of the circuit, because it connects two already built sections and motorways connected to them. "It is absolutely necessary to buy the necessary land and thus create a basic precondition for the continuation of its preparation and ensuring the subsequent implementation," the ministry said in a report to the government.

The road between the exit from the D1 at Modletice and the exit from the D11 at Běchovice is to include four level crossings and two tunnels. According to earlier information, the construction could start next year and be put into operation in 2025. The estimated price is almost 9.4 billion crowns without VAT.

After completion, the outer Prague ring road should measure about 83 kilometers according to current plans, about half of which are in operation. It is part of the motorway network and its construction is financed by the state, unlike the internal one, which is in charge of the municipality. At present, in addition to section 511, the entire northern part from Ruzyně via Suchdol, Březiněves to Černý Most is also missing on the circuit.

Source: CTK