Czech government rules out lockdown 2.0

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-10-20   09:48

Covid-19 in the Czech Republic is now spreading faster than just about anywhere else in Europe, but the government says a total lockdown is not under consideration. Most schools, theaters and restaurants have been closed and only the smallest events are being allowed, but shopping malls remain open and employees are only being "encouraged" to work from home. As of Wednesday, masks will have to be worn outside wherever people are coming within two meters of each other as well as in cars when anyone but family members are in them. The country's new health minister Roman Prymula appears to be backing down from plans to test the entire population for Covid-19 following a backlash from overworked general practitioners. Prymula said that the government would wait to see if the current restrictions would be successful in reducing the spread of the infection before debating the possibility of a second lockdown.