Czech Post faces hundreds of lawsuits over unequal remuneration

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-30   14:30

Dozens of current and former employees are already suing the Czech Post with the help of the company Rovná mzda. Since the Czech Post has so far failed to respond to calls for wage settlements, Rovná mzda is preparing hundreds more lawsuits in cooperation with attorneys from GHS Legal.

In June 2022, Rovná mzda began assisting current and former Czech Post employees in recovering their back pay. This was based on a Constitutional Court ruling in 2021, which confirmed that Czech Post had paid drivers working in Prague higher wages than those working outside of Prague without any legal reason. According to the Constitutional Court, the different levels of the necessary cost of living in different regions cannot be taken into account when setting the wage, but the state enterprise acted in violation of this rule contained in the Labour Code. It is very likely that this unfair method of remuneration applied not only to the position of driver, who was the first to receive a decision in his case, but also to other positions.

Equal Pay provides its clients with full funding for the entire process, including legal representation by leading law firm GHS Legal. Injured workers can still register on the website to try to obtain a pay settlement free of charge. Equal Pay will only claim a fee in the event of a successful claim, in the form of a minority share of the wage settlement awarded.

To date, almost 2,000 victims have registered on the Equal Wages website, with whom Equal Wages is gradually establishing cooperation in order to recover their claim from the Czech Post. GHS Legal partner Mgr. Sebastian Mach says. The total amount of all claims can reach hundreds of millions of crowns."

Source: CTK