Czech post office wants to sell its Masaryk railway station Building in Prague

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-01   15:53

The Czech Post will sell a building at Prague's Masaryk railway station for which it is no longer used. Gradually, the company closed the depot in Hybernská Street and from July it closed the branch in the same place due to redundancy.

"For the present, but also for the future of the company, the premises located in the extension of Masaryk Railway Station were unsatisfactory and also did not provide sufficient comfort to clients," said Matyáš Vitík Czech Post PR Director.

Within walking distance, the post office offers three more branches, in Jindřišská Street, about 800 meters away, in the Florentinum shopping center, which is about 400 meters away, and in the Stock Exchange Palace, about 900 meters away. In addition, operations at these nearby branches will be staffed by employees of the closed branch.

Packages stored so far at the post office in Hybernská will now be stored at the branch in Jindřišská Street, which, according to Vitík, offers above-standard conditions. These include, for example, opening hours seven days a week, 31 counters, specialized workplaces or the offer of stationery, financial advice or Balíkovny counters, which offer accelerated delivery of consignments.

The Penta Investment Group has began construction of two office buildings near Masaryk Railway Station in February this year, designed by the late British architect Zaha Hadidová. Completion, including modifications of the public space, is planned by the middle of 2023. The total costs will reach approximately CZK 2.5 billion, another 200 million will go to the reconstruction of Masaryk railway station.

Source: Czech Post, CTK
Photo: Penta Investments