Czechia digital vehicle insurance cards slow in effect

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-08-19   15:19

We are already sending the green card to drivers electronically. The next logical step should be a fully digital version of the card

As of last July, the green card may not be really green (the green card is an international certificate of validity of statutory vehicle insurance). If you take out insurance, will send you the green card immediately in the electronic version. However, most people are just getting used to this possibility.

"The change in the law has significantly speeded up the administration of compulsory liability. And it has reduced our printing costs by 60%. We believe that further changes will follow. After all, there is no reason why drivers should not have a so-called green card, for example, in their mobile phone," says David Červenka, product manager at

The green card was characterized by green, although there was no obvious reason for it. The law changed that last year, and since then everyone has been able to print their green card on their own, easily on classic white paper.

"It is a step in the right direction. We save the environment, it is also much easier and more pleasant for drivers. However, we must add that, according to our experience, drivers are only gradually getting used to this possibility," adds David Červenka.

Source: KLIK and CTK