Disappearing Mural - a unique work with a message that attracts to Plac Europejski

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-12   20:53
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In Warsaw, at Plac Europejski, you can already admire a work that is unique on an international scale - the Vanishing Mural. The theme of the project refers to the extremely topical issue of peace in the world. A mural that comes and goes is a reminder that the room is not something given permanently. The process of its creation, i.e. painting the letters surrounding the work, was joined by, among others, prince Jan Lubomirski, Krzysztof Zalewski, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Czesław Mozil, Marcin Prokop and many other artists, as well as people from the world of culture and sports.

The Disappearing Mural was created on the entire area of ​​the largest fountain in Plac Europejski and appears when the work comes into contact with water - the fountain is turned on or rainfall. It owes its unique properties to the use of a special nano paint, which is produced by only one company in the world. The key elements of the work are the Mermaid and Triton - arranged in the form of yin and yang, symbolizing order and harmony governing the universe, and the Picasso Dove - painted by the Master during his visit to Poland. The mural is surrounded by the text "Let's heal the world and make it better", written in five languages ​​and indicating that art is the weapon of artists. The whole is completed with a fragment of a song by the recently deceased outstanding Polish artist, leader of the Pogodno band - Jacek Budynia Szymkiewicz, "Don't be afraid of the rain, because I am the rain," referring to the unusual properties of the mural.

The project was initiated by IMMOFINANZ - the owner of the myhive Warsaw Spire tower, and CA Immo - the owner of the other two buildings of the Warsaw Spire complex. Artists associated with the Galeria Przechodnia art foundation were responsible for the implementation.