Domy Trnová has turned to the Interior Ministry over its dispute with the municipality

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-07   11:52

The developer Domy Trnová has initiated legal action over its dispute with the municipality and has turned to the Ministry of the Interior, specifically to the Department of Public Administration, Supervision and Control. The company sannounced today that it is bothered by the council's approach to performing its duties in the administration of the municipality. The company claims that the Trnava administration is bullying it and sending inspections to the site without any reason. Mayor Zdeněk Pekárek (nez.) has criticised the construction company's actions, saying it is piling large amounts of soil belonging to the landfill onto the land.

According to Seznam Zprávy, the soil comes from the former Tebas paint factory in Prague. The construction company refers to laboratory tests, according to which the material is fine. "The last point of contention was resolved when the Czech Environmental Inspectorate proved by its tests our claim that no contaminated soil of any kind was used in the construction. Nevertheless, the municipality's leadership continues to campaign against the construction in a way that leaves us no choice but to protect both our investment and the rights of our clients," said Jan Šefrna, Managing Director of Domov Trnová.

According to him, the recent meeting with local people on the subject of the soil being piled up was managed by the mayor in such a way as to aggravate the situation. The legal representation of Domov Trnová has therefore taken legal action, the form of which the company did not specify in the press release. "I am deeply concerned about the way the council is approaching the execution of its duties in the administration of the municipality. Therefore, the legal steps include a corresponding submission to the Department of Public Administration, Supervision and Control of the Ministry of the Interior," Šefrna said.

Pekárek said earlier that the company has a road construction permit and brings 50 to 100 trucks of soil, concrete and bricks to the site daily. "They claim they are hauling it for road construction, but the roads would have to be all over the area. We have photographs that show they are putting it on land that is not designated for roads," the Mayor said.

He said when it is wet, the trucks create a 30-centimetre layer of mud on the road. The whole road is then dirty all the way to the highway. The people and the municipal administration are calling the police to take corrective action as the mayor said it is a violation of the Road Traffic Act. In addition, the pavement in the village is only loadable up to six tonnes. According to the mayor, the company has already been fined several times, for example for degrading agricultural land.

Source: Domy Trnová and CTK