DORACO will modernize the infrastructure of the "Gryfia" shipyard

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-01-03   09:29

Building Corporation DORACO is launching a new project in Szczecin in the area of hydraulic engineering. The investment, carried out as part of general contracting services, involves modernizing the wharf of the Marine Repair Yard "Gryfia" and the foundation of a new floating dock. The investment will allow servicing of larger vessels, thus increasing the shipyard's competitiveness. As planned, the construction work will be completed within 18 months.

Construction Corporation DORACO, which specializes in the implementation of hydrotechnical investments, has signed a contract with the Maritime Repair Yard "Gryfia". The contract, which is being carried out in Szczecin, includes the modernization of the shipyard's infrastructure for the foundation of a new floating dock about 235 meters long and 47 meters wide. The work will be carried out within the shipping basin of the so-called Shipyard Oder, an estuarine section of the lower Oder River used by the Shipyard. Implementation of the project has been set for 18 months from the start of the work.

The scope of the contracted works is extensive and requires a high degree of competence in the field of hydraulic engineering. In addition to demolition work and modernization of the wharf, the goal is to build a new 60-meter-long technological pier (jetty). This will be supplemented by, among other things, the construction of a dock depth of 17 meters and two dock anchor dales (islands). The area of the investment will also include the land area that is the facilities adjacent to the rebuilt section of the wharf.

"The investment upgrading the infrastructure around the dock will enable the foundation of a new dock. It will lead to an increase in the capacity for repair and modernization of seagoing vessels, specialized vessels and other facilities entering the port of Szczecin, following the deepening of the waterway to 12.5 meters. This is in response to the needs for servicing the increasingly large vessels appearing in the Baltic and North Sea basins. This will lead to an increase in the production capacity of the Marine Repair Yard "Gryfia" related to repairs and the implementation of conversion projects for vessels. Thanks to the investment, the shipyard will increase its competitiveness on the market by implementing innovative technologies that reduce repair costs and minimize emissions of harmful waste and pollutants into the environment," said Lech Lechmański, Technical Director, Morska Stocznia Remontowa "Gryfia".

DORACO Construction Corporation has a number of completed hydrotechnical investments to its credit. One of the last large and interesting projects was the construction of a new public ferry terminal in the Port of Gdynia. Many investments were also carried out on behalf of the Port of Gdansk Authority. DORACO is also currently involved in a project oriented toward improving access to the Port of Szczecin in the Kashubian Basin area. "As part of our general contracting services, we are a leader in the area of hydraulic engineering projects. Water is our beloved environment. We are also looking forward with great anticipation to ambitious investment plans in the Baltic regarding, among other things, the construction of installation and service ports for wind farms. We also look forward to the launch of further contracts related to the further expansion of external ports in Swinoujscie, Gdansk and Gdynia, among others, as well as the next stages of the construction of the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea (Baltic Hub)," emphasized Piotr Siemaszko, Director of the Hydraulic Engineering Division, DORACO Construction Corporation.