DPP announced a tender for CZK 220 million for repairs of toilets in the metro

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-30   14:53

The Prague Transport Company (DPP) has announced a tender for a framework contract with an estimated value of CZK 220 million for the modernisation of toilets in the metro. According to the tender documentation for the contract, the company plans to repair 17 toilets over the next four years. The company has been gradually repairing toilets in the metro since 2014, and according to spokeswoman Aneta Řehková, 24 of the total 64 toilets have been reconstructed.

Of the 64 toilets in the Prague metro network, 17 are in the lobbies on line A, 27 on line B and 20 on line C. The first to be repaired by DPP, according to the spokeswoman, were three toilets in the Můstek metro station. This was followed by repairs to toilets at 12 stations on line B, five stations on line A and four stations on line C.

Now the company is preparing the next stage of repairs, which is covered by the tender. According to Řehková, the toilets at the Háje, Roztyly, Pražského povstání, Florenc and Černý Most stations are to be the first to go. "There will be another 12 toilets in the following years. Plus some toilets will be reconstructed together with the station or as part of the development," the spokesperson added.

In the past, the company also announced a tender for a toilet operator, but has not yet selected one. "We are now starting to prepare a new tender for the operator of public toilets in the metro," Řehková said.

Source: DPP and CTK