Echo Investment changes resi designs to meet post-Covid needs of buyers

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2020-07-28   10:57
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Following the spring Covid-19 lockdown, apartment buyers have started to pay attention to new risks and want to be well prepared for mobility restrictions, and Echo Investment decided to adapt its residential projects to these new conditions. The developer’s architects are changing their residential projects in such a way as to make them safer, more comfortable and better prepared for similar threats in the future. “The experience of the pandemic has made our clients more aware of safety issues, but we also want space users of places we create to be safe and comfortable in them. Together with designers and client advisors we analyzed ways of using our buildings and potential risky spots. Then we developed and implemented a set of new activities and design guidelines related to safety,” said Waldemar Olbryk, member of the management board of Echo Investment. “These are often solutions that we have paid less attention to before and are and were simple ways to improve safety and make cleaning easier. Implementing them usually required a change in the way of thinking about designing rather than large financial or organizational outlays.”