EDF Renewables Polska: We still count on participation in offshore projects in the Baltic Sea

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-01-16   09:32

EDF Renewables Polska is counting on the company's offer to be taken into account when selecting partners for offshore wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea by entities that have obtained concessions for these investments, according to the company's General Director Alicja Chilińska-Zawadzka.

"In the second phase of the proceedings for the location of offshore projects in the Baltic Sea, the competition was very strong - the leading market players participated. Against this backdrop, we performed very well, as we were the first best-rated foreign entity in each of the proceedings in which we participated. We are counting on the fact that our offer is so interesting that it will be taken into account in the selection of a partner by the Treasury companies that have been chosen. And it is known that both of them will be looking for such partners," said Chilińska-Zawadzka.

According to her, there are a number of elements that predispose EDF Renewables Polska to be a potential partner for Polish companies in the implementation of offshore wind farm projects.

"Firstly, we are also a state-owned company, so we understand very well that offshore is not only a business project, but also taking care of the energy security of the state. And, as we know, offshore will play a very important role in the transformation of the Polish energy sector. Secondly, it is very important to implement these projects on time and on budget - and this can happen when partners are strong in various aspects and complement each other's potential. What is also important is the appropriate transfer of the experience already possessed, knowledge, access to technology, production slots or the fleet that installs turbines offshore. We have to bear in mind that offshore is now being built all over the world - capacity forces are therefore limited. For all this, EDF Renewables has an idea and is willing to share its experience," mentioned the CEO.

She also assured that she is counting on potential Polish partners to enter into talks on the matter quickly.

"The choice of a partner will also be of considerable importance for building an entire industry in Poland centred around offshore projects. And EDF Renewables - no matter where it implements its projects - always builds a local supply chain. We know from our experience that only such a chain allows for timely project implementation. We will want to apply the same model in Poland," She added.

"EDF Renewables can offer access to the capital that is needed to deliver such large-scale projects. But that is not all. We also have in our DNA an openness to knowledge transfer and local competence building," Chilińska-Zawadzka concluded.

EDF Renewables is an international energy company that develops, builds and operates power plants that generate energy from renewable sources. The company has a net installed capacity in wind and solar power plants of 11.4 GW (18.5 GW gross) worldwide.

Source: EDF Renewables Polska and ISBnews
Photo: Alicja Chilińska-Zawadzka, EDF Renewables Polska