46% of Polish SMEs expect their industry to deteriorate within six months

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-27   15:48

Almost half of the representatives of the SME sector (46%) expect the condition of their industry to deteriorate in the next 6 months in the context of the current political, social and economic situation, according to the EFL Barometer for Q3 this year. A quarter earlier, pessimism was expressed by every third respondent (31%). The activities of 63% of SMEs are negatively affected by the war in Ukraine, and in the case of 35% - neutral.

63% of companies indicate the negative impact of the war on their activities - 21% believe that it has a definitely negative impact, and another 42% - rather negative. 35% of SMEs believe that what is happening beyond our eastern border is not at all It will affect their businesses. A quarter earlier, the group of pessimists was smaller (59%), and there were also fewer entrepreneurs who indicated the neutrality of the conflict beyond the eastern border (38%), it was announced.

EFL once again asked entrepreneurs from the SME sector whether, in the context of the current socio-political and economic situation, the situation in their industry will improve, deteriorate or remain unchanged in the next 6 months. Compared to the first and second measurements this year (carried out in January and April 2022) in the third quarter of this year. there is much greater pessimism. 6% of entrepreneurs believe that the situation will improve, 33% that it will remain the same, and 46% of those interviewed believe that it will worsen. In April this year. 8% of companies counted on an improvement in the situation, 45% on no change, and 31% of those questioned worried about its deterioration, indicated also.

On the other hand, the EFL Barometer for Q3 shows that the negative causative power of the coronavirus is getting weaker. 31% of companies indicate a negative impact of the pandemic on their operations (6.3% believe that it has a definitely negative impact, and another 24.2% - rather negative). In the opinion of 67% of SMEs, COVID-19 is business neutral. These are definitely more optimistic indicators than in the previous measurement. In the second quarter of this year. 54% indicated the negative impact of the coronavirus on their business (18.3% believe that it has a definitely negative impact, and another 35.5% - rather negative), and 43% a neutral one.

Taking into account the size of the company, the greatest pessimism is noted among micro-companies. 55% of them indicate a deterioration in the condition of the industry - in the previous measurement it was 38%, while only 6% indicate an improvement. In the case of small companies, 45% expect worsening of the situation, and every third entrepreneur does not expect a change. In the case of medium-sized companies, the percentage of those who do not expect changes (49%) prevails, and 35% are afraid of a worse scenario.

A representative group of 600 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the study. The current edition of the study was held from June 28 to July 11, 2022.

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Source: EFL and ISBnews