EIA delays construction of cable car between Prague 6 and Prague 8

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-25   07:42

Construction of the planned cable car between Prague 6 and Prague 8 will have to wait until the city carries out an environmental assessment study. That's the finding of the environmental protection department of the City of Prague, which ruled that the impact the project would have on flora and fauna along the route would have to be investigated. It also ordered that issues such as noise be looked at to ensure that people living near the cable car would not suffer a reduction in their standard of living. The 2,500 meter trip will be the longest cable car ride on offer in the Czech Republic, beating out the cable car that brings tourists from Krupka, just north of Liberec, to Komari hurka in the mountains. It will connect the Podbaba train station in Prague 6 with the Na Pazderce bus stop in Bohnice, Prague 8. The cable car will have 17 cabins with a capacity of 35 people each, giving it the ability to transport up to 4,500 people per hour in one direction. It's expected to be built within five years and serve for 30 years. The City of Prague plans to connect the two city districts with trams, but this will take years to prepare and build.