EPF plans CEE expansion

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2015-06-03   11:32
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The managing committee of the European Property Federation (EPF) held a meeting in Bucharest on June 2. EPF, which represents owners holding real estate assets totaling €1.5 trillion, said it is planning to expand throughout the CEE region this year. The expansion efforts will be led by Liviu Tudor, the founder and president of the Romanian Association of Building Owners (RABO) and vice chairman of the EPF managing committee. “Without a collective voice, the real estate industry will develop in different directions, no matter how much effort everybody makes,” said Tudor.

Liviu Tudor has more than 17 years of experience on the real estate and commercial property market and is one of the key players in the Romanian office sector.

RABO is the first organization reuniting top leading local and international property investors operating in Romania, and aims to foster a sound, transparent and stable economic framework, governed by EU-level norms and standards.

EPF represents all aspects of property ownership and investment, including residential landlords, housing companies, commercial property investment and development companies, shopping centers and the property interests of institutional investors.