Equilibrium 2 is the first WiredScore Platinum certified building in Romania

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2024-02-01   09:32
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Equilibrium 2 is the first WiredScore Platinum certified building in Romania and the first Skanska project in the CEE to obtain such a valuable certification.

WiredScore certification recognizes and promotes best-in-class digitally connected buildings globally and helps increase the value of the building for both potential tenants and future owners.
The widely recognized WiredScore certification seal is a trusted symbol that identifies buildings that have been independently certified to provide the best-in-class connectivity infrastructure that businesses require to thrive.

"At a time when technology is more important than ever, connectivity isn’t nice to have, it’s a prerequisite. That is why we have been working with WiredScore to measure, improve and certify our digital connectivity in Equilibrium 2. We know how important is for our tenants to be able to benefit from excellent connectivity and infrastructure when they move into our building, right from the first day. The speed of change of technology always outpaces the speed of change of the digital infrastructure in a building, which is confirmed by the fact that over 70 percent of internet outages are caused by problems with the physical infrastructure inside buildings.
We are very proud of yet another premiere we bring to Romania in our projects: the first WiredScore certification and in top of that, with the highest certification level," says Bogdan Cristian Voicu, Project Manager Commercial Development Division, Skanska CEE.