Eurovia demands bid for Prague's new metro line be cancelled

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-05-22   12:44
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Many publicly funded projects in the Czech Republic experience delays because the tenders are attacked by one of the companies that loses. But the construction company Eurovia is demanding that the tender for the new metro line in Prague be cancelled, despite the fact that it never submitted a bid. In fact, it made its claim on the final day bids were being accepted by DPP, the city's transportation company. The transport news site reports that the company complained that the construction companies Metrostav, Hochtief and Strabag had an unfair advantage because they were currently carrying out a geological analysis for the project. The first phase of construction is expected to cost CZK 10.8bn and DPP confirmed that it's currently considering three bids. "We believe that the conditions given in the tender documentation are in conflict with the basic principles of tender procedures," said Eurovia's spokeswoman Iveta Štočková, who went on to claim that it was clear that DPP preferred some of the tender's participants.