Former footballer Ilie Dumitrescu enters the Bucharest hospitality market

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2022-10-27   09:13

Former footballer Ilie Dumitrescu has entered into a partnership with the Simion and Loredana Apreutese family, the owners of the International Alexander freight carrier, and together they are developing an aparthotel across the street from the Băneasa Shopping City mall.

The project has been authorized and is to be built on a plot of almost 900 sqm. The building will have two basements, a ground floor and 5 floors and an area of almost 1,900 sqm. The building will include 6 duplex apartments, which will benefit from elevators directly in the living area.

“We entered into partnership with Simion and Loredana Apreutese, through one of the companies of the International Alexander group, to develop this project together. Construction work is planned to start this month. We hope to finish it in a year. We have the possibility to change the destination of the property from an aparthotel to an apartment block. We have not yet made a decision in this regard, but the objective is to go for the rental option", declared Ilie Dumitrescu.