Former golf course in Prague-Klánovice to be auctioned for 46.4 million

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-02-02   14:34

The former golf complex with the former clubhouse in Prague-Klánovice is up for sale again after two years. The owner went into insolvency last year. The sale will take place by electronic auction on 22 March and is being handled by the Brno real estate company Gaute, which announced the news in a press release. The starting price for the building and 26,000 square metres of land will be CZK 46.4 million. According to the outgoing Prague councillor Jan Chabr (TOP 09), the capital city will also take part in the auction.

"This is a former First Republic golf resort with a clubhouse, accommodation, restaurant and other facilities in the middle of the Klánovický Forest. The building, with a total usable area of 782 square metres, is located in the forest about 140 metres from a continuous development of houses," said Petr Stejskal from Gaute. According to the expert witness, the building's structural and technical condition is very good, as can be seen in the photographs of the advertisement announcing the auction. The property will be open to bidders on two dates, 22 February and 8 March.

According to Chabr, Prague has long been interested in the building and land, but has never been able to agree on a price with the owners. According to the councillor, various owners have wanted to reuse the building as a hotel or restaurant in the past, but they have not been able to do so because the zoning plan does not allow it. "If the capital city acquires the building, we will look for the best possible use in cooperation with the Prague-Klánovice district. We are offering to link up with organisations of the capital, such as the House of Children and Youth," according to the councillor.

The six-hole golf course was built on the land in 1937, and three more holes and a clubhouse were added in 1938. During the Protectorate, the course was used as a field hospital and disappeared in the 1950s, when the communist regime had the area reforested.

In 1991, the clubhouse and the three-hectare plot were returned to the restored Golf Club Prague, which sought to restore the golf course and obtained a building permit for the construction of 18 holes, but due to lack of money the construction did not take place. The whole area was sold by Golf Club Praha to Forest Golf Resort Praha (FGRP). The latter operated practice holes and a practice tee, the so-called driving range. In 2008, the clubhouse was completely renovated. The new owner also sought to rebuild the golf course, but the residents of Klánovice opposed the plan in a 2009 referendum. The main argument against its construction was the necessity of extensive logging in the Klánovice forest.

In 2012, the FGRP submitted the plan to build nine holes for an environmental impact assessment. However, the process was interrupted and the City of Prague prevented the creation of the course in 2014 by issuing a zoning plan amendment.

In 2021, the complex changed hands and became Perseus Health Resort, newly renamed Drbalovo Joint Stock Company. The latter has been in bankruptcy since last year, which is the reason for the sale.

Source: CTK