Forte Partners launches Smart Digital Office concept

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-04-16   10:11

Forte Partners launches the first digital solution for efficiently and sustainably managing the office building resources, as more and more companies decide to implement the hybrid work model in the long-term.

The SpotUS.Space solution, developed by Forte Partners and the Cluj-based company Parking Spotter, incorporates functions that meet the new needs identified by the office segment, after a year that has completely reshaped the traditional way of working. The platform allows a fully-digitized interaction with all the resources of an office building: parking, access control, desk reservation, visitor management, etc. through an end-to-end app accessible by phone.
All office resources are thus being used sustainably and efficiently by Forte Partners clients, following the principles of shared economy - shared resources, which will result into reduced costs on several levels for tenants.

At the same time, the app allows for the constant monitoring of the optimal number of people allowed under the current pandemic conditions, compliance with the rules of social distancing inside the building, and limitation of access to the maximum number of people allowed.

"2020 has put many of us in a position to innovate. Overnight we had to change our perception of office buildings, of the way we work but also of the time spent in office spaces. Thus, the need to develop this application ensued," says Geo Mărgescu, CEO and Co-founder of Forte Partners.