Furgonetka has launched a returns handling system for e-commerce stores

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-01-13   08:41

Furgonetka has introduced a comprehensive system for handling returns in e-commerce, informed CEO Rafał Agnieszczak.

"If we want online commerce to continue to develop, we must be aware that returns will be its natural consequence. Our survey shows that over 59% of consumers give up at least 1 in 5 items purchased. Currently, only a few shops, in fact, almost exclusively large e-commerce platforms have a customer-friendly returns service, unfortunately most sellers marginalize this issue, meanwhile, to build trust and loyalty of buyers, returns should be as fast, intuitive and preferably free as possible. There is a gap on the Polish e-commerce market and we decided to fill it as Furgonetka, which is why we have created a completely free and easy to integrate and use platform to handle this process, stated Agnieszczak..

As emphasized by the company, this is the first solution of this type in Poland - it gives both consumers and e-shop owners full control over the entire process of returns. The tool can be easily and quickly integrated with any e-shop. At the same time, it ensures the unification and full automation of activities related to the return of goods. Thanks to the Furgonetka solution, e-shop owners have full access to information about all returned products in one panel, just like consumers have knowledge of the returned articles from stores integrated with the system. The Furgonetka Returns Return System is an intuitive tool that enables quick and easy plug-in integration with popular open-source and SaaS shopping platforms, explained.

"E-shop owners should be aware that returns are an important factor in sales and customer loyalty. Over 61% of Furgonetka users have failed to re-purchase because of a negative return experience at a store. Almost 82% of them have failed to re-purchase. On the other hand, analysis of returns - reasons, numbers - supports business development is crucial. This is how the best e-commerce on the market works. Now, thanks to our tool, every seller it can implement such a procedure, make improvements based on the results of the analysis, increase sales and reduce the number of items returned, "added the CEO.

Furgonetka - existing on the market since 2010 - offers a range of services and technologies that allow private and business customers to send parcels in Poland and abroad.

Source: Furgonetka and ISBnews