Globalworth's flagship office building has been part of Warsaw's landscape for 25 years

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2024-06-11   09:11
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More than a quarter of a century ago, Polish and American architects were bent on its construction. Today, it is not only a symbol of Warsaw, but still an office building that meets the highest demands of tenants and this despite the passage of time, constant technological advances or changing trends in the aesthetics of office buildings. From its unique cubist body to design details such as the grand piano or the new unique chandeliers in the lobby, the Warsaw Trade Tower continues to impress and, thanks to consistent modernisation, is at the forefront of prestigious office locations in the capital. This year the WTT, owned by Globalworth, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Today it is difficult to imagine the landscape of Wola without the 208-metre-high Warsaw Trade Tower structure with its characteristic spire on the roof. Ranked among the top 5 tallest buildings in Poland, WTT is today, just as it was 25 years ago, one of the most modern office buildings in our country.

On the occasion of the silver jubilee, the tenants of Globalworth Poland's office spaces listened to a story by the varsavianist and art historian, Jerzy S. Majewski, who explained the extraordinary history of the office building and the Wola neighbourhood.

Chicago flair in the centre of Warsaw.

The Warsaw Trade Tower was erected between 1997 and 1999 by the Korean corporation Daewoo. When it was built, its height rivalled only that of the Palace of Culture in Poland. Architects from the RTKL studio in Baltimore, working with the Warsaw studio Majewski Wyszyński Hermanowicz, were responsible for the design. In accordance with the recommendations of the so-called ‘Chicago school’, the building's structure is steel, and the cubist volume was divided by changes in the façade. WTT consists of two parts - a lower, six-storey part, corresponding in height to the pre-war buildings of Warsaw, and a 42-storey tower.

"It can be said that in Warsaw's Wola, WTT is a ‘trendsetter’. It was this building that was the first office building in the district and, in the wake of its opening, other buildings were built, replacing the former factories. We wanted the functionality of the office building to correspond with its excellent location on the map of Warsaw. We have succeeded in doing so, as best evidenced by the repeatedly renewed and long-standing contracts with tenants - including UNIQA, MSD, American Express, Avanssur, BNI Poland and Altkom. Users value WTT not only for the comfort, built by modern solutions, but also the facility management system or community integration activities. Our tenants can also count on the support of the Workplaces department in, among other things, the design and realisation of fit-outs," says Agnieszka Ewertowska, Senior Property Manager, Globalworth Poland.

Glamour to match prestige.

In 2019, the office building was added to the Globalworth portfolio. This opened a new stage in the development of the property, which has not only maintained its former shine but, thanks to modernisation and the introduction of state-of-the-art functionalities, meets the highest requirements for office spaces today. Today it is safe to say that WTT not only towers over Wola, but also ‘shines’ against the background of the surrounding buildings with its ‘maturity’, modernity, but also aesthetics. The façade of the office building has been completely cleaned and impregnated with specialised preparations. The building's lobby, originally designed and built on a fan-shaped plan, also gained a new face. Last year, new multifunctional areas, abundant vegetation and impressive 3-metre-high crystal chandeliers appeared there. These are what light up the interior today. In arranging this most representative part of the WTT, Globalworth Poland experts collaborated with the MIXD architectural studio.

"Warsaw Trade Tower is definitely our flagship office building in Warsaw. We carried out a comprehensive modernisation here, changing the building in terms of arrangement and functionality. Among other things, we focused on improving the systems related to user safety, including top-class fire safety systems and the BMS system. The lifts, which are still among the fastest in Poland, have also undergone a comprehensive renovation - it takes just 35 seconds to get from the ground floor to the top 39th floor," comments Anna Korwin- Kulesza, Asset Management & Leasing Director - Central & Northern Poland.

Ready for the next quarter century.

All the upgrades carried out have reduced utility consumption and other operating costs. Globalworth is also consistently investing in environmental and technological solutions. WTT uses electricity entirely from renewable sources. Tenants can now use chargers for scooters and electric bicycles, and cyclists have a new changing room with showers. The entire building has been covered by a management automation system with the support of artificial intelligence. Another innovation is the Globalworth App - an application available to all users of the building which, among other things, opens doors, gates, barriers, allows the lift to be summoned, and makes it possible to manage the rotating use of parking spaces, booking of desks or conference rooms. Thanks to these innovative solutions, the building has this year once again been awarded the BREEAM environmental certificate at the Excellent level, confirming the application of solutions based on sustainable development in the areas of environmental, social and economic impact.

"Creating safe and environmentally friendly working conditions for our tenants is our absolute priority. We want WTT to remain, as it was 25 years ago, one of the most modern high-rise buildings in Poland, evolving in accordance with ESG requirements and current technological trends. So that it is distinguished not only by its height, but above all by its quality. The constant interest in Warsaw Trade Tower's office space among representatives of Polish and international business, as well as long-standing lease agreements, especially those that are being extended, best confirm the rightness of this direction," emphasises Artur Apostoł, Managing Director - Real Estate Operations Poland at Globalworth.

Warsaw Trade Tower is one of the most recognisable and tallest office buildings in Warsaw. With 42 floors, 208 m in height and over 45,000 sq m of office space, the tower is located at 51 Chłodna Street in Wola, near the intersection of Towarowa Street and Solidarności Avenue and the Rondo Daszyńskiego station of the second metro line.

In April 2019, the property completed the portfolio of Globalworth, a leading office investor in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Warsaw Trade Tower is home to insurance company UNIQA, as well as MSD, American Express, Avanssur, Leroy-Merlin and Mattel, among others. Tenants have more than 400 parking spaces at their disposal, a modern space for cyclists with changing rooms and showers, and attractive common areas, most of which have already been modernised. The skyscraper is also BREEAM green certified at Excellent level and uses 100% renewable energy sources.

Source: Globalworth

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