Globalworth’s Gallery of Peculiar Offices – a unique combination of art and marketing

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-06-08   13:29
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Globalworth is a company that is based on human-oriented values. It also believes that art plays a significant role in creating and engaging the community. To illustrate and capture the uniqueness of the company’s Polish portfolio, we invited a group of artists with huge potential to illustrate the character of several of our buildings. As a result, the unique illustrations that were created have been included in marketing materials, and we also plan to exhibit a selection of these inside our buildings. “The Gallery of Peculiar Offices” campaign is our way of sharing the results of our artistic collaboration with a wider audience in the form of brand new, beautifully illustrated project brochures.

The artists invited to participate in this scheme are generally experienced and distinguished Polish illustrators, carefully selected to provide works for particular buildings in Globalworth’s portfolio.

“We have tried to match each artist's style to their given building, because each building is different, with its own character and atmosphere – and is defined not only by its architecture, but also by its tenants, who generate its atmosphere and community. We also wanted the chosen illustrators to understand and attain the best possible feel for their building and to express that in their work. Another of our goals was to add a new quality to sales brochures, which, thanks to how they have been illustrated, have not only become more interesting, but also more original, while at the same time giving us the novel opportunity to cooperate with artists, to transfer the spirit of their work to the buildings and then to present it to our tenants,” explains Paweł Słupski, Marketing & Communication Director of Globalworth Poland.

A total of eleven buildings in Globalworth’s Polish portfolio were selected for the ‘Gallery of Peculiar Offices’ project. These artists have created unusual illustrations that have been included in the marketing materials for those office and multi-functional buildings. However, their cooperation with Globalworth does not end there.

“The unique brochure covers are such great material for posters that we will definitely want to promote and distribute them among our tenants and customers. We also have many ideas for transferring this project to the interiors of Globalworth’s office buildings. The chosen artists are already designing decorative elements for the lobbies of several of our buildings. We also want to display their art in the form of exhibitions and to take the work on tour. We aim to finish this project in the fourth quarter of this year, when we will hold a series of private viewings of the artists’ work with their participation and a summary of the entire project,” reveals Monika Zwolińska, Project Marketing Manager of Globalworth Poland and adds: ‘It is a well-thought-out and long-term project. Art has always been in the DNA of our company, which is why we started its implementation with great enthusiasm. We are very pleased with the results of our cooperation with the artists and the Urban Jungle creative agency, which supported us in this project. Thanks to this, we were able to weave art into sales materials in an original way, which was not an easy task and is certainly a unique undertaking and unheard of on the office market’.

All the art brochures will be available in electronic formats and, moreover, printed on high-quality paper and in low volumes.

For the premiere project, we chose Quattro Business Park with a set of wonderful illustrations prepared by Krakow artist Joanna Dobranowska. The joyful illustrations of Joanna Dobranowska perfectly capture the spirit of Quattro. The place where work-life balance comes first. Colourful, vibrant illustrations show the project as full of life, events, and human connections.

JOANNA DOBRANOWSKA – for almost 10 years she has been creatively involved in producing drawings, workshop graphics, artistic fabrics and graphic design. A graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the Pedagogical University of Kraków, she has had her work exhibited many times in Kraków. In 2018, she won the Graphics of the Year competition. In her work, she blends oval and organic forms, creating a world of its own. She draws inspiration from nature and the free-play of her own imagination, always seeking for a springboard out of the contemporary hustle and bustle. She spends her free time in forests, where she marvels at how they teem with life.