Globalworth's new A4 Business Park lobby in Katowice gets completed

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-29   08:46

In the A4 Business Park office building in Katowice, the reconstruction of the reception hall has come to an end. The interiors are designed in a minimalist loft style and inspired by modern spaces. The author of the concept of the interior metamorphosis of one of the largest office buildings in the capital of Silesia is the Workplaces department in Globalworth Poland. The distinguishing feature of the space in the new version is the original collection of posters and a zone with tables and seats.

The A4 Business Park, operated by Globalworth Poland, located in the heart of Katowice, is one of the city’s most recognizable office buildings. Representation spaces in the building have undergone a reorganization. As a result, the team of engineers from the Workplaces department in Globalworth Poland carried out a metamorphosis of two lobbys. The investment was aimed at refreshing the interiors and giving them a more expressive character.

As a result, the originally calm spaces were given more contrasting colors and original details, such as glazed tiles arranged at a 45-degree angle. Thanks to this, the new receptions are more dynamic and their design has gained a completely new character. As part of the implementation, the designers used the existing layout of the rooms and improved their zone by adding openwork walls from the grid. A novelty is the appearance of zones with armchairs and tables - places where you can wait, meet or work. An important part of the implementation is leaving sandstone slabs on the walls, which are also the main decorative element in the original interior design. As a result of the arrangement works, specialists from the Workplaces department imposed a black net on them, thanks to which the wall finish took on spatiality and industrial character.

A little art was introduced to the A4 Business Park lobby - an original collection of posters prepared by one of the architects who worked on the arrangement. The collection of works is a kind of comic book that can be read in almost any order and encourages you to learn about such inconspicuous spaces. This is an interesting procedure that is unusual in this type of space.

"The key element and the biggest challenge at the same time was the replacement of ceiling plafonds with attractive light and spatial forms. We wanted to use the depths of the hole that remained after dismantling to get interesting results and fit into the prescribed ceiling height. This was achieved by introducing a fancy pattern and geometrically arranged planes, made of mineral wool. Such a solution meant that the installation gave not only an interesting visual effect, but also provided the rooms with appropriate acoustic conditions," says Michał Moroz, Architect, Workplaces department at Globalworth Poland.

The A4 Business Park consists of three buildings - Office I, II and III - about the classic office architecture, thanks to which the complex has entered the landscape of Katowice and became one of the city's landmarks. The stone facade and carefully finished details gave the buildings an elegant, timeless character. Two 10-storey buildings and one 7-storey with an area of 32,500 sqm not only allow free communication inside the Park, but are also a great place to relax. In addition, an integral part of the investment is a park with an outdoor gym after the other street orch. Part of the investment is also carefully arranged roads, and conveniences are added by free-standing parking. The complex offers office space of "A" and has BREEAM In Use certificate at Excellent level.