GUS: Dwellings construction down in January 2021 in Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2021-02-23   09:46

In January 2021, there were less dwellings completed than the year before. Whereas the number of dwellings for which permits have been granted or which have been registered with a construction project and the number of dwellings in which construction has begun increased. According to the preliminary data of Statistics Poland (GUS), 17.1 thousand dwellings were completed in the beginning of 2021, by 7.5 percent less than in January 2020. Developers completed 10.1 thousand dwellings -by 12.6 percent less than in the corresponding month of 2020, whereas private investors completed 6.7 thousand dwellings, by 2.8 percent more. Within these forms of construction, 98.5 percent of the total number of newly completed dwellings was built. Within cooperative construction 134 dwellings were completed (248 in the previous year), whereas altogether in other forms of construction, i.e. municipal, public building society and company construction 117 (in the previous year 104). The total useful floor area of dwellings completed in January 2021 amounted to 1.6 million sqm, by 3.2 percent less than a year ago and the average useful floor area of 1 dwelling was 94.1 sqm, informed GUS.