GUS: Retail sales down 6.0% in Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2021-02-23   09:47

In January 2021 retail sales at constant prices were by 6.0 percent lower than the year before (against a growth of 3.5 percent in January 2020), according to Statistics Poland (GUS). Compared with December 2020 retail sales decreased by 24.9 percent. In January 2021, the largest decrease in retail sales (at constant prices) compared to the corresponding period of 2020, as in the previous months, was noted by entities trading in textiles, clothing and footwear (by 40.8 percent against a growth of 10.5 percent the year before). Significantly lower sales were also observed in groups: solid, liquid and gaseous fuels (by 16.4 percent); newspapers, books, other sale in specialized stores (by 11.9 percent). Among the groups presented only units trading in furniture, radio, TV and household appliances reported an increase (by 7.1 percent), informed GUS.