H. Králové received a European subsidy of CZK 158 million for traffic management system

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-10-06   09:09

The city of Hradec Králové received a European subsidy of CZK 157.8 million for the construction of an intelligent transport system (ITS), which should increase the fluidity and safety of car traffic in the city. The total value of the construction of the system is CZK 229 million net. The city expects to launch the system in 2023.

"The city has been striving to obtain a subsidy for more than a year, now we are almost done and we could (in the city council) approve the subsidy. The subsidy could cover up to two thirds of the cost of building IDS," said Monika Štayrová, (YES).

Work on the construction of the system began in July. The main part of the system will be the installation of 38 intersections with new traffic lights with built-in traffic control. The system will also include a module for measuring the speed of cars and monitoring the passages of intersections on red. The supplier of the system is the company Cross Zlín.

According to the town hall, the work is proceeding according to plan. Now the builders are starting work on the reconstruction of the busy intersection on Pražská třída at the intersection with Kutnohorská Street near the fire station. On the city ring road, they will now redo two intersections in Střelecká Street, at the intersection with Charles IV Avenue. and with Rašín Avenue.

Source: CTK