Heimstaden tenants to sign contracts digitally from December

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-20   19:40

Heimstaden, the largest private provider of rental housing in the Czech Republic, is introducing digitalisation of lease contracts. From December, clients signing amendments to their rental contracts will be able to sign documents using a bank identity or biometric signature. Heimstaden representatives told announced today. The company's clients have been signing the new lease agreements digitally since May.

"The aim is to eliminate paper communication as much as possible and use the My Home app instead. There, all contracts, addenda, registration sheets and bills will be in electronic form. This will save clients' time immensely and will significantly help the environment," said Heimstaden CEO Jan Rafaj.

Heimstaden Czech owns almost 43,000 apartments, mainly in the Moravian-Silesian region, where the apartments are mainly former mining apartments from OKD. According to Rafaj, 22,000 households are already using the app and more are coming.

Karina Valisova, director of client services at Heimstaden, said the company uses 40 types of documents that it sends to clients on a regular basis. "Most often we deal with contract renewals, that is, an addendum to renew a client's lease, then billing, that's also a big agenda, and then various certificates that clients need to be able to communicate with other institutions," Valisova said. The company renews around 22,000 contracts a year.

Source: Heimstaden and CTK