Hradec Králové announces reconstruction competition of Rychnov hospital for CZK 815 million

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-04   11:08

The Hradec Králové region has announced a competition for the construction of a new pavilion for emergency admission and repairs and modernization of the hospital in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Construction work should cost up to 815 million crowns, start this year and last for two years. The modernized hospital should start serving patients in early 2025.

"Completion and modernization of the Rychnov hospital is a key project for the further development of the region. Thanks to this investment, we will provide health services not only for the Solnice-Kvasiny industrial zone, but also reduce the workload of the Hradec Králové University Hospital, where a large part of Rychnov residents commute for health care," he said. Governor Martin Červíček (ODS).

The project envisages the construction of a new five-storey pavilion with emergency reception, operating theaters and outpatient care, as well as the reconstruction of three of the seven floors of the multidisciplinary DIGP pavilion. The two buildings will be interconnected, creating a single functional unit.

The modernization of the Rychnov hospital is part of three government resolutions of February 2015, June 2017 and October 2020, which are related to the development of the industrial zone in which Škoda Auto and its suppliers operate. The state's financial participation in the modernization of the hospital was confirmed by Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) during a visit to the region in February. The region thus counts on a state subsidy of 300 million crowns to finance the completion.

The construction work in the DIGP pavilion will involve the reconstruction of three floors. The modern interior will receive central sterilization for the entire hospital complex, oncology hospital, outpatient examination room with waiting room, endoscopy examination room and the main entrance to the building will be modified.

In the new five-storey extension, there will be an urgent reception, including the distribution of patients with links to internal and special examination rooms, operating room and plaster, facilities for emergency services, paramedics, imaging methods, surgical, orthopedic and internal outpatient clinics. There will be an ICU and ARO department, four multidisciplinary central operating theaters and an inpatient surgery department and an inpatient orthopedics department, the region said.

The modernization of the hospital also includes the construction of facilities for medical gases and a new energy center. Paved areas, roads, parking spaces and technical infrastructure engineering networks will undergo modifications. The builders will demolish the warehouse in the hospital complex and the land will serve as a parking lot for cars after the construction work is completed. According to the governor's office, the demolition of the warehouse should cost CZK 11.5 million, this amount is outside the budget of modernization and completion of the hospital.

The region invested in the Rychnov hospital before the modernization. In November 2021, in the DIGP pavilion, he completed the reconstruction of the facade, insulation, replacement of windows and modernization of the maternity hospital. These construction works cost over CZK 60 million.

Rychnov Hospital provides medical care for areas with more than 80,000 inhabitants.

Source: CTK