Hyper-luxury residential planned in Prague 6

by   CIJ iDesk I
2019-11-06   06:39

A new residential project in Prague 6 appears to be going beyond the usual boundaries of what is seen as luxury, with its total value estimated at over CZK 1bn. "The price of hyper-luxury real estate starts at around CZK 150m," the project's architect Jakub Masak told Hospodářské noviny. "There are very few of these properties on the Czech market, though interest in them is growing at a far faster tempo." The most expensive of the new villas will likely cost CZK 350m, with construction of the first phase due to begin next year. The three-floor building will offer 750 sqm of space, including a glass stairway, a private park with 50-year old trees and an elevator. Five mansions of between 430 sqm and 530 sqm will then be built worth CZK 750m, each of which will feature a historic stone fireplace and hand-worked beams. The project also calls for a 4,300 sqm common area.

Photo: Masák & Partner