Impact buys 19,000 sqm plot in Iasi

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2020-10-14   10:01

Impact bought a 19,068 sqm plot of land in Iasi’s Copou area where it plans to develop a residential complex. The scheme will be similar to the developer’s Greenfield project in Bucharest and will include low-rise blocks of flats and ample green spaces. Impact also started developing the Boreal Plus neighborhood in Constanța this year.
“An important part of the strategy of the Impact Developer & Contractor group consists of expanding and promoting the Greenfield and Luxuria Residence living standards, both in Bucharest and in the big cities in the country. We are delighted to enter the residential real estate market in Iasi by purchasing a plot of land in one of the best areas of the city, where we will implement one of our successful projects. This acquisition is the first step of our expansion in Iasi, and in the coming years, we will expand and consolidate our presence in Iasi,” said Sorin Apostol, CEO of Impact Developer & Contractor.