Impact presells 50% of its Luxuria project in the North-West of Bucharest

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2019-06-14   09:48
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Developer & Contractor Impact is currently developing two projects in Bucharest: Greenfield, targeting the middle segment, and Luxuria on Bdv. Expozitiei. The large Greenfield project aims at eventually comprising 7,000 units, of which 2,500 have already been delivered and partially sold. "With Luxuria we're entering a new market, and we're happy to see that already 50% of our first phase is already pre-sold," Bogdan Oslobeanu, CEO of Impact said at the CEDER 2019. He added that the first quarter of 2019 was the best in 10 years. "We have strong economic growth and there is an influx of people into the main cities. The buyer goes for modern, well-designed buildings, so if you are building for their budget, the demand is there," he pointed out.
So far, Impact has delivered around 4.000 units, and it has 400 million worth of investments on the market.