InPost has started a project to build solar shelters at bus stops

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-10-25   10:52

InPost has launched a new project to build solar shelters at bus stops in villages, towns and cities, the company said. The first solar bus shelter, along with a Parcelkomat device, has been installed in the municipality of Nędza in the Silesian province. Two more shelters will be installed in Kielce and the Słupno municipality.

On the roof of a bus stop in Nędza municipality there are 4 solar panels with a total area of 5.25 m2. They can generate green energy with a maximum power of 720 watts. The photovoltaic panels at this location generate 680 kWh annually - which translates into a carbon footprint reduction of 183.24 kg of CO2. Of this, 79% of the energy is used to power the Parcel Machine, and 21% is used for user needs - such as lighting, USB sockets and inductive chargers. The Parcel Machine is fully powered by a bus shelter, it stated.

"Sustainability is a key element of InPost's business strategy. We think about ecology at every stage of our business - we use the most ecological form of delivery, which is the Paczkomat device, we have a fleet of electric cars, together with GreenWay we invest in a network of charging stations for electrics, on top of that we support eco-initiatives in Polish cities under the InPost Green City program, and now we are starting with solar bus shelters across the country. We are already inviting more municipalities to cooperate with us. These actions show our responsibility for the planet and commitment to caring for the local community, and consumer surveys only confirm this - as many as 82% of Polish Internet users believe that Paczkomat InPost is the most environmentally friendly form of delivery," said InPost's Director of Expansion, Spacing, POK and Service Waldemar Brzoska.

Source: InPost and ISBNews