InPost is planning a double-digit price hike for Allegro from the beginning of November

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-11   09:57

InPost plans to introduce the increase in the prices of services provided for in the contract with Allegro at the beginning of November and expects it to have a double-digit level, in percent, informed Rafał Brzoska, the president of InPost. He also announced that in the case of other clients he does not expect further price increases (after April and May).

"The deal with Allegro was negotiated two years ago, it is a 7-year contract, which from November 2022 provides for price indexation every year at the same time - that is at the beginning of November - based on two indicators: the CPI index and the growth rate of wages and salaries. . This increase will take place in November, according to the formula," Brzoska said during a press conference.

He emphasized that over the past two years - also under this 7-year contract - Allegro avoided the raise, although it affected other customers.

"This holiday grace period is over. In November there will be a double-digit increase for our main partner, based on the current inflation levels," added the president.

InPost introduced a price increase of its services for other customers by 8% in April and by 5% in May.

"Today we are not planning any further increases [for other customers] at the current crude oil price. However, if we saw a tragic scenario on the market: crude oil at USD 1,800 per barrel - as JP Morgan predicts - or USD 190 per barrel, it really is then we would have to think about it, but the answer for today is: we are not planning any additional increases with the price of crude oil, which is now," indicated Brzoska.

InPost is a delivery platform for e-commerce. Established in 1999 by Rafał Brzoska in Poland, InPost has a network of parcel lockers in Poland, Great Britain and Italy, and also provides courier and fullfilment services for e-commerce sellers in Poland. In July 2021, he finalized the acquisition of the French company Mondial Relay. In January 2021, InPost made its debut on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange.

Source: InPost and ISBnews